This deposit is best suited for salaried and regular income groups with monthly saving of specified amount for a specified period between of one year and ten years. All other features applicable as term deposit Accounts.


 Monthly Deposit

 Monthly deposits of Minimum Rs.100/- and in multiples of Rs 10/- No maximum.

 Time period

 Minimum period 12 months maximum 120 months

 Rate of Interest

 Rate of interest as applicable to Bank's TDR / STDR for the period of the RD


 Minimum 6 month and maximum 10 years

 Premature Withdrawal

 Premature withdrawal allowed and for this, rules for TDR/STDR is applicable.

 Loan Facility

 Loan / Overdraft up to 90% available against the balance in RD account.

 Nomination Facility




 Penalty charges for       non- Deposit of monthly instalments

 For a/c of period 5 years and less --Rs. 1.50 per Rs. 100/- per month.

 For a/c of period above 5 years- Rs. 2.00 per Rs. 100/- per month.